Dear Little BIG Heart!!

Dear little big heart,

I’m sorry I didn’t protect you, that I let you be treated as an option, that I let it happen more than once or twice. I’m sorry that I didn’t allow you to be treated as the precious pearl that you truly are.

pearly heart

But you know what? I’m not sorry you dared to love, dared to trust, dared to take the leap of faith or of love should I say? At least you loved deeply, cared dotingly & did not hesitate to enter into the crazy, confusing, scary & yet thrilling world of love where many have fallen either victim or victor.

Maybe coming out victorious isn’t what matters but the courage to make the journey itself. You know what my darling? I think that itself makes you a hero.

Don’t give up little big heart, there’s so much heartache in this world, but also so much love to give & receive, to heal & restore. “Don’t settle” they said and “don’t settle” I say to you.

Don’t worry, the pain & hurt you feel won’t last always. You deserve so much more than you know, yes, believe me you, you indeed deserve much more. The love that you dream of is possible. Don’t be afraid to want & seek it.

The love that breaks walls, that gives you a fuzzy feeling in your stomach, that takes walks with you under the moon, that whispers in your ear meaningful nothings, that holds your hand when you least expect it, that does crazy stupid little things with you, the love that washes your feet, massages your temple & can see both pain or joy in your eyes without you saying a word.

Yes, the love that holds you close, that is spontaneous & life giving, the love that settles your heart amidst a difficult season. The love that will collect all your broken pieces & mend them together.

broken heart

Yes, the love that secures your mind, embraces your heart & kisses your soul, that love, YES, that love that you dreamt of & then thought impossible is very possible for you my little big heart. Best believe you are well worth it!

The love that won’t say you are too much or too expressive or too attached, yes, the love that will actually treasure you for those things. The love that will pursue you wholeheartedly & want to proudly show you off to the whole world as the ONLY queen & crown of its universe, yes, it is but possible for you.

So don’t give up yet my darling, my beautiful one. One day, the intensity of your heart & gravity of your love will meet the embrace that appreciates it & holds it like life itself.





15 thoughts on “Dear Little BIG Heart!!”

  1. “One day, the intensity of your heart & gravity of your love will meet the embrace that appreciates it & holds it like life itself.” ; deep & touching!


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