He said, “child I invite you!”

 “I know Father, I just need you to give me a little more time” I responded. And you know what? He did. He took my request and waited…He didn’t give me a deadline…He waited just as I had asked Him to.

He said “would you lay every burden down at my feet?” and I said “just a minute my king…”

I told my King to wait.

He said ‘I want your heart’, I said ‘I want yours too but just hold on, I’ll be back.” I made a promise to talk later as I scheduled our next date.

I had skipped a number of our ‘dates’, I skipped this one too but He still sat next to my bed watching me the whole night and the next morning, waiting for what was supposed to be our ‘date’ with a great number of beautiful things he wanted to say to me.


Beautiful things He had said my entire life but I still hadn’t heard or read because I had skipped all our ‘dates’ and asked him to wait every time.  I couldn’t listen to his still small voice because the one in my mind was too loud and shrill.

Beautiful things I searched anxiously to hear from other people and ignored the King that was willing and ready to say them to me over and over again.

As I woke up the next morning and missed yet another ‘date’. He still kept everything He had wanted to say to me;

He wanted to tell me that I was beautiful,

He wanted to tell me that I was more than a conqueror,

He wanted to tell me that I was strong,

He wanted to tell me that I was not a failure,

He wanted me to know that he appreciated me,

He wanted to tell me that I was worth dying for,

He wanted to bless my day,

He wanted to remind me that He loves me!!

But He didn’t get the chance to, because I missed our date…

I left his letter laying there on my bed, where it had a spot secured just for it for the longest time and I still didn’t get to read or hear what He had to say.

I rushed out of bed and again started my day to look for reassurance elsewhere, the reassurance I needed but had left on my bed, in my father’s letter.

Getting ready i carried out my usual drill and the only letter I read was from a mirror, saying “yeah, I guess I can work with this…”

Mirror Mirror on the wall ,

Here I am standing tall,

(Or at least I think I am),

You’re probably going to give me just a minute of glory!

And once again I missed the ultimate date.

By Brenda B.


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