COMPROMISE ‘When it’s sweet but wrong’

Compromise is compromise whatever shape, size or form it comes in.

This verb is defined as to ‘settle a dispute by mutual concession’ or ‘expediently accept standards that are lower than is desirable’.

I’m talking about the latter, where, one lowers their standards for a specific reason or person.

For example, in any relationship, I believe there’s a level of ‘healthy’ compromise required for the relationship to function, where 2 people need to meet half way for the happiness of the other. Like a mother compromising or reducing on her ‘girlfriend hangouts’ to spend more time with her kids & husband, or kids not going out a lot because they know their parents don’t like them staying out late. These are healthy compromises.

I sometimes cut out on my church activities, or take a break from them in order to be home and spend more time with my family, which, one would say is a compromise to my commitment to the church but it’s a necessary compromise because I have responsibility to my family too.

However, in this context I’m referring to compromise in our relationship with God, our walk with him.

There are certain sins we consider as small or we feel that we can just enjoy them for a minute but we are confident that they will not enslave or affect us much because they are not like the big sins that are hard to break.

God has been really challenging me to examine myself more in that area because to him all sin is sin, all sin breaks his heart & Jesus died for all sins not just the big/major ones.

For the longest time I was afraid of doing my practical driving test because I thought there was no way I could get it on the first go, almost everyone I know got it on the 3rd time, I was even afraid of showing up to the test center. I was on a mission to do whatever it would take not to do the test.

But the other ways I would have used would have all been cheating (and illegal, oops), it bothered me a bit but then thought ‘whatever; I’m not willing to go do it & fail’. A month to the test I had found a way but the conviction to do it right grew stronger, a few friends advised me to do it the right way but I was still fixated on not getting anywhere close to that center.

This question kept ringing in my head ‘Where’s your integrity?’ and felt like God was also asking me, ‘Where’s your trust in me?’ and I kept saying ‘just this once Lord, this is a big deal for me, I trust you but this is kinda urgent & haven’t practiced much so there’s no logic to it.’

In short, a week to the test I decided to the right thing even if it meant failing, I literally hadn’t driven a manual car since last year when I was taking lessons, so I was convinced I was going to fail but at least was doing it the right way. I practiced for 1 week & prayed at the same time for God to help me.

I did the test with so little faith in myself but kept asking God to come through, I passed phase 1-3 & 4 was my biggest nightmare (balancing/demarrage), I really didn’t think I would pass it & literally said ‘Jesus take the wheel’ when I was doing it & he sure did. I paaaassed yaaay (currently accepting gifts/food for that victory), but I know it was really all God.

So my passing is still a shock to me but also a big slap in the face, I still can hear God say, ‘You should have trusted me from the beginning & not your connections or other means.’

Back to the point, he showed me that if I’m willing to cheat my way through something & telling myself it’s just a small compromise to the pure life he calls me to, then I need to check my heart. Because whether we like it or not, compromise feels good & we grow comfortable to it & start making even bigger compromises.

To be honest, in God’s eyes there’s no small sin or big sin, he says all sin is sin. If we actually pay attention, we’ll realize how much unhealthy compromises we have in our lives. Everyday I’m discovering choices (big or small) that I have made (even subconsciously) that have been compromises & like the tweet below says ‘Spiritual death is one compromise at a time’ and the scary thing is you don’t see the death coming.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-21 at 11.42.26

Sin/compromise is sweet but blinding, till it’s too late (unless God really intervenes).

Galatians 5:9 “A little yeast leavens the whole batch of dough.” In this context (to me) it means, a little compromise at a time, eventually corrupts your whole character.


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