His love letter to YOU – Part 2

I created the Universe and all of its beauty,

all the wonderful things you see around you,

Even the world’s greatest treasures and STILL….


♠ The object of my affection. ♠

YOU give me butterflies in my stomach,

you’re the one that stole my heart and makes it ring with Joy,

The one that surely & entirely captivates my whole being.

loved by Him

Nothing that was, is or that’s to come, will ever compare to my love for you,

not; your sins, your insecurities, your mistakes,

your accolades, your strengths, or your weaknesses,

Nothing! I repeat, Nothing! Will ever come close.

My love for you, is far greater than them all put together.


I know you are MESSY ,

but, I’m not ashamed of you!

I formed you out of dirt & in your dirt I’ll grow you,

In your dirt, I’ll uphold you.



I know you very well, not the You in the crowd,

the you in the church, the you in the bar with friends,

not the you with a career or title, not the you in a family..

NO! I know ‘YOU’ specifically and personally……..

the You in the silence, the You in the deep of the night,

the You without the extra stuff, the raw You that you don’t reveal to others,

I see the You within You, the You that even You don’t know,

And that’s the You I’m in love with.

P.S. Your biggest fan!


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