His love letter to YOU – Part 3

I AM the I AM, The Mighty God of splendor, full of glory, no human can comprehend,

And yet ‘YOU’ are my weakness…..

You are my soft spot, my flame,

my stomach turns when you rise in the morning &

my heart elates when you speak to me,

when you include me in the details of your life.

thank-you Jes

My love for you is the most powerful force in all of creation.

Creating you was and will forever be my greatest accomplishment.

I know life has been & still gets hard, sometimes you even feel that I’m far from you,

That maybe I’m stripping good things from you but I need you to trust me,

If all else fails you, I want you to trust in my love for you,

This LOVE I have for you will never let you perish, I promise, just be patient, please!

Joy on dock

I get so excited & thrilled each moment you pause to chat with me.

Those words you say under your breath,

The quiet prayers in your heart,

The silent sobs when no one is watching,

I hear them all.

I collect all your tears & sorrows in a jar close to my heart,

And in due time you will see that it was not in vain.

P.S. The One who loves You!


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